My name is Abby Knight. I’m an animal science undergraduate & current shelter employee who  began fostering dogs about 3 years ago. Since I began fostering, I have continuously fallen head over heels for the personalities of the goofy dogs with the stereotypical larger-than-most head and wide set jawline, those commonly known to the general public as “pit-bulls”. Let’s get one thing straight though: in no way, shape or form, do I support the irresponsible breeding of the American Pit-bull Terrier (or any other breed for that matter). Shelters are overflowing with these awesome dogs, and are forced to euthanize because of the insane amount of overpopulation. I fight for these dogs in hopes that one day, they will not have to fight, being targeted by dog fighters because of their power and complete loyalty. I am now inspired to speak for these dogs who cannot speak for themselves, raise awareness, and to shine some positive light on these dogs who are so misunderstood. blogaboutme


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